Elevating trust through decentralization.


ArpaX will be our flagship for blockchain-based, decentralized applications and smart contracts development. These projects will allow businesses to utilize the potential of blockchain technology in the areas of education, gaming and finance.

Last November 2020, we have launched our first Dapp project called ArpaGames.

ArpaGames is a blockchain-based, decentralized application that was developed as a Proof-of-Concept of a provably fair algorithm. A provably fair algorithm is an algorithm which can be analyzed and verified for fairness on the part of the service operator. ArpaGames uses Provable© as an oracle in providing RNGs.

You may read our white paper to know more about this development.

  • Place bets anonymously.
  • Smart contract running in the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Random number generation provided by Provable.
ArpaGames Whitepaper

The ArpaGames contract address can be verified at: 0x58c2A89Ff9522cF7f44C3B7b3C3DE2165eea9b5E