We are strengthening our innovative solutions by adding Blockchain and Decentralize Applications to our portfolio. With our 10th year in the business, our goal is to be resilient and inspire our clients during this trying times. With ARPACORP, consider it done.


At The Lab

These are the list of our home brewed ideas that separates us from the rest. From RFID projects, to SMS gateways, to GPS hardware customizations, we always put our heart at our work.


Supporting safer and smarter schools. OpenGKS (“Open Gate Keeper Solution“) was our first product integrating RFID devices with real-time notifications through text messaging (SMS). This allows parents to track in real-time their child’s entrance and exit within the school premises.


Messaged. Delivered. Textity (“Textity SMS Platform“) is a service that allows businesses to connect with their customers via text messaging (SMS). This allows immediate notifications with custom brand on their Sender IDs to be delivered in real-time through manual or API implementation.


Tracking Redefined. GetMe (“GetMe Location Tracking“) is a revolutionary mobile tracking service that can keep track of your love one’s whereabouts for your peace of mind. By customizing hardware GPS receivers, we are able to integrate a six (6) ways to track system for better security.


Elevating trust through decentralization. ArpaCorpX (“ProjectX“) will be our flagship for Blockchain based, decentralized applications and smart contracts. These projects will allow businesses to utilize the potential of Blockchain technology in the areas of education, gaming and finance.

About Us

We are integrating cost-effective Information Technology solutions using open systems since 2010.

Who we are?

ARPACORP (“Arpa Corporation”), is a Philippine based, government registered corporation providing cost-effective outsourced Information Technology solutions and consulting. Founded in 2010 as Arpa Information Technology Solutions, we have moved and evolved into a mature business that caters different IT based solutions to our portfolio. Our goal is to provide each customer a professional level of service through our expertise.

With Arpa, consider it done.

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Use Case: Location Tracking Redefined

Our Clients

Educational institutions are the breeding ground of innovation, research and development that makes positive contribution to our society. By providing them the tools and the technology, we are making a positive impact for the next generation.

ArpaCorpX (ARPAX) - Our token for decentralized applications