Our Corporate Objectives.

To continuously drive innovative solutions that will focus in the area of decentralized application development using Blockchain technology and maintaining or exceeding existing customers’ satisfaction towards business success.

“An objective without a plan is a dream.” – Douglas McGregor

Ten (10) strong years. It took us that long for us to steer the ship and head it towards a new direction. I can still remember our little office space setup, and was registered on our home address. We were confide in a small room that were formerly used as a preschool classroom for ages four to six years old. During that time, we only have two things:

  • The passion to solve problems, and
  • The ability to design and build cost effective solutions.

With these two things we were able to close a project worth half a million $ and the rest were history.

Our continuous commitment for client satisfaction and social responsibility allows us to drive the business to success.

With Arpacorp, consider it done.

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